And the winners are….

Business Leadership – Campbell Grant, Founder & CEO, Sitekit Ltd

Campbell Grant founded Sitekit in 1989 on his native Isle of Skye and the company has grown steadily ever since with offices in Edinburgh and Oxfordshire and over 50 staff now employed.

Sitekit develops innovative software that is helping to transform the delivery of health and social care services in the UK.

Campbell led Sitekit towards digital health after experiencing first-hand the difficulty of caring for elderly relatives without adequate insight into their formal medical care.  Sitekit co-designed a digital health platform aimed at enabling frail, elderly people to live independently and comfortably in their own homes for longer by creating a circle of care. The same technology, in the form of eRedbook, a digital version of the personal child health record, enables parents to effectively manage their child’s health and development.

Rising Stars: Extraordinary Talent – Dr Caroline Barelle, CEO, Elasmogen 

Dr Caroline Barelle is CEO and Co-founder of the next generation therapeutic biologics company, Elasmogen.  The company discovers and develops soloMERs which are novel drugs for site-specific treatment of auto-immune inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Before establishing Elasmogen, Caroline successfully led teams at Wyeth Inc and subsequently Pfizer Inc in global bio-therapeutic technologies, progressing early platform technologies to late stage clinical development.

She has been awarded a prestigious Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship, named in the top 20 female biotech CEOs in Europe in 2017, is a doctoral graduate from the University of Aberdeen in Biochemistry and a master graduate in business (MBA) from Robert Gordon’s University.

Innovation – Orbital Diagnostic Ltd 

Orbital develops rapid antibiotic susceptibility tests (AST) to detect antimicrobial resistance. Doctors currently wait hours or days to get AST results. Orbital’s technology aims to transform standards of care, by giving doctors the ability to prescribe the right drug for the right bug in minutes.

Orbital’s success to date has been marked by significant commercial interest from leading medical device companies and a Longitude Prize Discovery Award. This world-wide prize confirms their approach to anti-microbial resistance (AMR) diagnosis as amongst the best in the world.

Investment of the Year – NuCana plc  

NuCana®, headquartered in Edinburgh, and with offices in Boston Massachusetts, is a clinical-stage, biopharmaceutical company focused on significantly improving treatment outcomes for cancer patients by applying its ProTide™ technology to transform some of the most widely prescribed chemotherapy agents, nucleoside analogs, into more effective and safer medicines.

The company, co-founded by Hugh Griffith in 2008, raised $114m from world-leading investors in their IPO in October 2017. NuCana’s previous Series B financing in April 2014 was for $57m

Rising Stars: High Growth Company – TC BioPharm  

TC BioPharm (TCB) is a clinical-stage immunotherapy company developing novel, cell-based products for treatment of cancer and severe viral infections.

TCB employs a team of over 60 staff and acts as a fully integrated pharmaceutical company encompassing GMP manufacture, quality, product development, regulatory affairs and in-house clinical research.

TCB is currently developing next generation safe CAR-T products based on its patent protected, proprietary process using the clinically proven ImmuniCELL® backbone.

During 2017, TCB raised over £25m to progress its cancer research projects. This included grants (including H2020), equity investment and partnerships (with Bluebird Bio – Boston and the NIPRO Corporation – Osaka).

Innovative Collaboration – CorporateHealth International and OpenBrolly in collaboration with NHS Highland 

CorporateHealth International and OpenBrolly are working hand-in-hand with NHS Highland to resolve the ‘Diagnostic Bottleneck’ of gastrointestinal examinations. By using a small video camera that the patient swallows instead of doing a bulky colonoscopy, examination capacity can be dramatically increased – and the patient doesn’t even have to travel to the hospital for it.

In pilots at Raigmore Hospital, in Ullapool and the Isle of Skye, the collaborators were able to show how a full bowel exam for patients with symptoms, under surveillance after surgery or for bowel cancer screening can be delivered in their community.

While CorporateHealth conducts the procedure and OpenBrolly ensures secure data exchange with the NHS, Raigmore oversees the medical process. As the procedure is minimally invasive and locally delivered, a roll-out across all of Scotland is very feasible.

Outstanding Contribution – Hugh Griffiths  

Hugh Griffith has over twenty five years’ experience in the biopharmaceutical industry having held CEO, COO and Executive Director positions.

Hugh is Founder and CEO of NuCana plc (Nasdaq: NCNA) a rapidly growing, clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with a broad development portfolio of novel anti-cancer medicines. Headquartered in Edinburgh, and with offices in Boston Massachusetts, NuCana raised $114 million from world-leading investors in their IPO in October 2017.  NuCana’s previous Series B financing in April 2014 was for $57 million.

Hugh is also CEO of Alida Capital International, a biopharmaceutical business angel syndicate which he formed in 2009, and is involved in several other biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies including EdixoMed and MedAnnex.