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In a glamorous celebration of excellence and achievement, attended by over 500 people the 2024 winners of Scotland's Life Sciences Awards were unveiled.  

Mark Cook, Chair of the Industrial Leadership Group opened the awards and welcomed Mr Neil Gray, Cabinet Secretary for NHS Recovery, Health and Social Care to speak to the remarkable success of the life sciences sector in Scotland. Mr Neil Gray stated;

“Scotland's life sciences sector has achieved remarkable success, surpassing ambitious goals and thriving amidst global challenges and I’d like to congratulate all who were recognised at Scotland’s Life Sciences Awards. Through collaboration and innovation, we've strengthened our economy and enhanced our global reputation. From attracting investment to expanding exports, our impact is significant and far-reaching.

“With £10.5 billion of contribution to the Scottish economy, the success of the life sciences sector is phenomenal. The Scottish Government has committed itself to life sciences, and to investing public money while leveraging private sector investment.

“Through these actions and by continuing to push boundaries, the life sciences sector is capable of shaping a brighter future for healthcare, both in Scotland and beyond.  Life sciences is identified within our National Innovation Strategy as having the potential to be truly world-leading, and we are determined to harness the promise it holds through our strategic health and economy plans in order to deliver for the health and wellbeing of everyone in the nation.”

The awards also welcomed University of Glasgow’s Vice Principal for Economic Development, Innovation and Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Governance, Ms Uzma Khan. Ms Khan highlighted the importance of the life sciences sector to Scotland, with a significant focus on the city of Glasgow.

The Glasgow Riverside innovation district (GRID) outlines strategies to translate research excellence into tangible impact, engage with industry and the community, and create high-value jobs. She emphasised the importance of partnerships with government, industry, and other stakeholders to overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities in the sector.

Uzma concluded her speech by calling for a collective action to push for transformation and change, urging stakeholders to join forces in a "coalition of the willing" to ensure the success of Glasgow's life sciences sector.

The 2024 award winners set a new standard for innovation, collaboration, and leadership in the dynamic field of life sciences. The awards ceremony, held at the Hilton, Glasgow brought together the best and brightest minds, honouring those whose contributions continue to develop and champion the industry.

Business Leadership Award – Sponsored by Valneva
Winner: Gary Beale, Emblation

Gary Beale, CEO and co-founder established health technology company Emblation in 2008. Based in Stirling, Scotland is central to the firm’s identity and was not only a way to leverage homegrown resources but also to promote Scottish business.

The business was founded with a vision to expand the use of microwave energy outside operating theatres and make Dermatology, Podiatry, and Oncology treatments more accessible through a unique and patented microwave induced immune modulation. To date over 1,300 devices in Dermatology and Podiatry clinics are used worldwide with c325,000 patients treated.

Innovation - Animal Health, Agritech, Aquaculture – Sponsored by Highlands and Islands Enterprise.
Winner: MI:RNA

MI:RNA is a high traction, high growth, multi-award winning company bringing innovation to the veterinary diagnostics market. MI:RNA’s integrated approach analyses the expression pattern of microRNAs with a bespoke Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive classification algorithms to detect diseases in their early stage, predict progression and monitor response to treatment. MI:RNA has first mover advantage in the microRNA space, being in veterinary or human field.

Innovation - Health Technology – Sponsored by Piramal Pharma Solutions
Winner: Dr. Luigi Manfredi, Softech Robotics

Softech Robotics integrates soft robotics with AI and data - it heralds a new era in medical diagnostics. The award was for it’s work pioneering an innovative, low-cost, soft endorobot for colonoscopies made from recyclable materials, with the aim to enhance screening and treatment for colorectal cancer (CRC).

Innovation - Pharma Services And Drug Discovery - Sponsored by PCI Pharma Services
Winner: Valneva Scotland

Located in Livingston, Valneva Scotland is a specialty vaccine company focused on the development, manufacturing, and commercialisation of vaccines for infectious diseases with significant unmet medical needs. Valneva Scotland have advanced a new vaccine candidate. Judges were impressed and feel this will have a huge impact for Scotland both globally and economically.

Innovative Collaboration Award – Sponsored by GenScript
Winner: Penrhos Bio, Pro3dure Medical GmbH and Unilever plc

Scottish-based Penrhos Bio Ltd has collaborated with Unilever plc and German partner Pro3dure Medical GmbH to commercialise a novel anti-microbial technology and launch two products during 2023. Penrhos Bio licensed the technology to Pro3dure for 3D printing applications at the end of 2022 and facilitated development between all three parties resulting in two product launches during 2023.

Outstanding Skills Development Award – Sponsored by SRG
Winner: Valneva Scotland

Valneva Scotland’s aim is to be the best life sciences company to work for in Scotland. To achieve this, they recognised a stronger, people-led culture was needed. To begin, in Q4 2022, they undertook a critical skills analysis of all roles and conducted a full site survey and staff consultation. This then informed the creation of their unique five-year People Plan, and their ‘Together We’ cultural transformation campaign, which we launched in February 2023.

Sustainability Award – Sponsored by Roslin CT
Winner: Carbogenics

Carbogenics is an award-winning sustainability focused spin-out from the University of Edinburgh. We focus on the research and identification of stranded waste and secondary biomass destined for a linear pathway and transforming these resources into a useful circular product that generates energy and sequesters carbon permanently. Carbogenics has developed two key products to enable this process, CreChar which is at TRL9 and has been developed over the past 6-7 years and FilaChar (TRL5) which has been in development over the past 3 years.

Rising Stars: Extraordinary Talent Award – Sponsored by Charles River
Winner: Professor Craig Ritchie

Edinburgh based Scottish Brain Sciences (SBS) started trading in 2023 as a result of Craig Ritchie seeing a global opportunity & need to provide better access to life changing Alzheimer’s medicines through clinical trials. In Scotland, very few patients are recruited into such trials and globally there is a need to prove efficacy of new molecules in Alzheimer’s quickly. Committed to this goal Craig, resigned from the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian to pursue this vision.

And in a momentous acknowledgment of a distinguished career, Alison Culpan BA LLB FRSE was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award – sponsored by AstraZeneca. Dame Anna Dominiczak presented Alison with the award stating.

“Alison’s career is a testament to her pioneering influence in the pharmaceutical sector, with a strong focus on promoting life sciences and a huge focus on promoting Scotland! With several leadership roles, where she has successfully integrated biomedical research, public health initiatives and industry influence and benefits. Alison broke new ground for gender equality within the pharma industry as the first female leader in Scotland (first for the ICI and then GSK ) and trailblazer UK- wide.”

“As a Director of ABPI Scotland since 2016, she has been promoting life sciences in Scotland as a catalyst for job creation and economic growth. She directed significant investment strategies aimed at advancing Scottish biomedical research, development of new medicines and new health technologies. Congratulations goes to Alison on her outstanding career.

Our judges also wanted to acknowledge the work of finalists Roslin CT and Continuous Manufacturing & Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC).

Roslin CT for their innovative work in the pharma services and drug discovery space; they are helping to put the UK and Scotland on the map for gene editing and manufacturing. The impact of this on patients and future therapeutic areas is huge.

And CMAC in for their work in the Sustainability space. Judges commended them on the continued implementation of initiatives that are resulting in reduced energy consumption and lab waste production.

Congratulations once again, to all the finalists and winners for their outstanding contributions to the life sciences landscape. The future is undoubtedly brighter because of their vision, passion, and commitment.

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