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Scotland’s vibrant life sciences industry contributes more than £3 billion a year to the Scottish economy and is globally recognised for its impact and high levels of innovation.
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Skills Development Scotland – Scotland’s Life Sciences Dinner and Annual Awards Blog

I’ve been in my current role as Key Sector Manager for Life and Chemical Sciences at SDS for almost a year and a half and it would be fair to say that period has been an extraordinary time.

But obstacles and crisis situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic can also create opportunities within our sector for agile and forward-thinking businesses

So it is important that we recognise the excellent work that has been achieved in the face of an avalanche of challenges.

Covid-19 illustrated how businesses have adapted to the ever-changing demands of the business landscape whilst also looking to the future. The only certainty in the modern business world is change.

Whilst many things remain uncertain, a skilled workforce remain central to business success.

So working together SULSA (Scottish University Life Sciences Alliance) and a range of partners, we’re supporting the National Transition Training Fund (NTTF), which is about upskilling and reskilling individuals to enter the Life and Chemical Sciences sectors.

The training is designed alongside industry to ensure individuals gain both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in demand by industry.

With COP26 taking place in Glasgow last year, the topic of climate emergency has rightly moved to the top of the agenda – it is front and centre in everyone’s minds. The Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan was published in December 2020 and outlines six skill priorities to achieve a Just Transition to net zero by 2045.

While the plan explicitly identifies five sectors acknowledged by Scottish Government as likely to have a significant impact to lower carbon emissions, the Life Sciences sector will also play a pivotal role.

Now just over a year later, eye-catching progress is being made as the foundations of the Plan are being brought to life. Led by the Implementation Steering Group bringing together 23 organisations across a range of sectors, the Group is responsible for the delivery of the Plan and now there is a Life and Chemical Science presence within the group, Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC), which is great to see.

To achieve this vital target of reaching net zero, it will be crucial to ensure businesses have access to the right people, with the right skills, at the right time. Which emphasises the importance of skills development within all workplaces in Scotland.

We’re really excited about our involvement in the Life Sciences Awards and to have the opportunity to sponsor the Skills Development Award – shining the spotlight on excellence and people who have earned recognition for the quality of their work.

It will excellent to be able to reconnect with so many friends from across the Life Sciences community and be able to do so in-person after the challenges of the past two years – it will be a welcome evening of normality and celebration and SDS are proud to be a part of it.

Sarah Hunt, Key Sector Manager – Life and Chemical Sciences

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