Scotland’s Life Sciences Dinner and Annual Awards | Irvine Bay: Realising Scotland’s Life Science Manufacturing Potential
Scotland’s vibrant life sciences industry contributes more than £3 billion a year to the Scottish economy and is globally recognised for its impact and high levels of innovation.
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Irvine Bay: Realising Scotland’s Life Science Manufacturing Potential

Critical manufacturing mass at i3

Translating Scotland’s world class research skills into high quality manufacturing jobs is right at the heart of the strategy to grow the life sciences sector in Scotland. i3, Irvine’s Enterprise Area, has been developing as a manufacturing location, offering access to a skilled and experienced workforce with the necessary infrastructure and connectivity.

We have invested over £40 million of public funds in Irvine Bay since 2006, with £100 million of private investment committed, largely in i3 Irvine’s Enterprise Area. Now the Enterprise Area is gathering momentum, with new companies moving in and new jobs being created.

Life sciences success

Irvine has a long connection with the life sciences sector and GSK is an important local employer. Recent work by Irvine Bay has helped to put the area back on the map as a centre for life sciences manufacturing.

What we’ve been doing here at Irvine Bay has been feeding in to the national target to double life sciences turnover to £6.3 billion by 2020, helping Scotland succeed in areas where we have the skills, knowledge and expertise.

Under construction at i3 Gateway

A new manufacturing facility is being developed at i3, Irvine’s Enterprise Area. The site is known as the ‘Gateway’, as it has a prominent location at the entrance to the Strategic Investment Campus, and close to the main road.

This project will create 3,000 sq m of space, suitable for life sciences manufacturers. Initially the shell of the building will be created, so the interior can be kitted out to meet the needs of the incoming company. The new build will be ready in June 2017 and there are currently active enquiries.

 New phase at Annickbank

With successful new office accommodation at Annickbank, two further pavilions are planned for completion before the end of 2017. Annickbank phase 2 will be flexible enough to meet the needs of a number of potential businesses ranging from contact centres, IT companies and life sciences businesses looking for space in the Enterprise Area. The site is close to the town centre, and offers an attractive setting with car parking and landscaped grounds.

Infrastructure will attract investment

A £1.8 million project is currently under way to add further infrastructure to the strategic investment campus site at i3. This is a 64 acre green field site, with access to high quality services including water, power and fibre.

During 2015 a £3.5 million project improved the infrastructure and services on the site and currently a further £1.8 million is being invested to ensure it is as ready as possible for potential investors.

The location is now being marketed internationally and is attracting interest from companies that could bring new manufacturing facilities to Irvine.

 Focus for manufacturing

Announced by the Scottish Government in 2012, the Enterprise Area has become the major focus of our business infrastructure work in Irvine Bay. The Enterprise Area is important in attracting new investment and jobs to North Ayrshire, with business incentives available to attract new companies, including life sciences companies, into the area. Real growth has been the result and achievements at i3 include:

  • More than £100 million of capital investment has been committed by the private sector
  • Our support and investment has seen a 56% increase in the number of companies within i3 with the total now standing at 39 companies
  • 30,000 sq m of space let or under offer since April 2012
  • An additional 525 jobs have been created or relocated, with a further 534 contractors
  • As a result, over 2,000 people are now employed at i3
  • New infrastructure, signage and landscaping

Collaborating for success

We are delighted to be sponsoring the Life Sciences Dinner once again as it is a key event in the calendar of the life sciences sector in Scotland. Over several years now we have seen the debate develop and flourish and it is exciting to be part of that development. We look forward to meeting you on the night. Come and find us to discuss the current opportunities at Irvine Bay. Patrick Wiggins, CEO and John Adam, Enterprise Area Manager.

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